Prison Architect

The Top 10 Best Strategy Games Of 2017

Enjoy being the puppet master in grand battles with high stakes? Well, here are the top 10 best strategy games of 2017. XCOM 2: War Of The Chosen XCOM 2: War of the Chosen adds extensive new content in the fight against ADVENT when additional resistance factions form in order to eliminate the alien threat on Earth. In response, a new enemy, known as the “Chosen,” emerges with one goal: recapture the Commander. This expansion includes new Hero classes to counter the “Chosen”, new enemies, missions, environments and increased depth in strategic gameplay. Pit People A full cast of tragically unique heroes will rise together from the Pit. Master your destiny as you plot their course of action across an apocalyptic wonderland! Endless Space 2 Endless Space 2 is a Strategic Space Opera, featurin...

Escape Mode DLC Coming To Prison Architect XB1 & PS4 In 2018

Publisher Double Eleven, in partnership with developer Introversion, have today announced that they are working on their own version of Prison Architect’s Escape Mode, coming as a brand-new DLC for Xbox One and PS4. The Escape Mode DLC follows the earlier All Day and a Night and Psych Ward expansions. While few details are available at present, Double Eleven are able to share that Escape Mode will be available to purchase as a DLC in 2018, with more details to follow in the new year. The Escape Mode DLC will be based on the well-loved PC mode, where players can take on the role of an inmate and attempt to escape the prisons built by themselves and others. The DLC will expand on those mechanics for the Prison Architect console community, as well as adding new content. About Prison Architect...

The Top 50 Best Smartphone Games You Should Be Playing Right Now (Part 1)

Whether you’re lazing in bed, or sitting on the toilet, or waiting for the metro, there’s nothing better than a few good video games to keep you company. Well, instead of just a few, here are the top 50 best smartphone games you should be playing right now. Also, this is Part One of a five part list, so be sure to check back in a few days for more. Titanfall Assault Banner Saga 2 Last Day On Earth Chameleon Run Oceanhorn The Escapists Cat Quest Beholder Monument Valley 2 Prison Architect Also, this is Part One of a five part list, so be sure to check back in a few days for more. Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

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