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Top 15 Games Showcased At E3 2017

Now that all the press conferences are over and most of the announcements and showcasing is done, let’s take a look at games that I found were the best at E3 2017, a kind of mediocre one all things considered. Battlefront 2 EA seems to have learned from their mistakes from Battlefront. They’ve added a single player story mode, soldier classes, and all eras are now playable. They’ve also stated that there will be now Season Pass as all the DLC for this game will be free. Beyond Good and Evil 2 When the director of the game comes on stage and is almost in tears, you know how much it means to him. The cult classic is finally getting a 2nd game but it’s actually a prequel.  However that does not matter and people are hype none the less. Shadow of the Colossus Now, you m...

E3 2017 Highlights: Nintendo Press Conference

The final press conference of E3 was arguably one of the best showings according to a lot of people, stating that Nintendo won E3 this year. Nintendo showed off games that they had announced while also announcing and teasing sequels.  So let’s get started with the highlights. Super Mario Odyssey SUPA MARIO IS BACK BABY! This game trailer had sooo much in such little time that I don’t even know where to begin. Mario can now possess people with his hat, such a huge variety of levels, exploring NYC while riding on a scooter or becoming a taxi, Bowser about to marry Peach, and what seems to be a Jazz soundtrack. Just like they did with Zelda, this might be it for Mario. It just looks like tons of fun. This game comes out on 17th October and I am certainly looking forward to it. Xen...

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