The Myst-ical Abduction: Obduction Review

From the creators of Myst, the revolutionary adventure game that set the standard for its genre for years, comes another marvel. Obduction is the first adventure puzzle game from Cyan Worlds. It is a beautiful, innovative game which seems familiar and completely strange at the same time. The game begins quite abruptly – you find yourself stranded on a strange world, without much of a clue regarding how you got there or what your purpose is. The town of Hunrath looks earth-like enough, but it’s abandoned, and some kind of invisible barrier separates it from the outside environment that looks completely alien. There isn’t much that provides you information, apart from a few prerecorded holograms and notes scattered about. Game progression primarily relies on the player̵...

Obduction Launches on PlayStation® with Thrilling Reveal of Exclusive Content

Cyan, Inc., the award-winning indie studio that created best-selling classics, Myst and Riven, today announced that their critically-acclaimed sci-fi adventure game, Obduction, is now available on PlayStation® in a special $29.99 bundle that includes both PS4™ and PS VR versions, as well as intriguing new exclusive content. Providing a peek at the bonus content, Cyan has released a never before seen screen that reveals the new area – a mysterious Russian submarine inside a large cavern. The new content also includes greater insight into the backstory of the characters and places, and two new music tracks composed by Cyan software and audio engineer, Hannah Gamiel. Click here to sample. The PS VR version was made possible in part by a partnership with Legendary VR, a division of Legen...

Games of the Month: July 2016

We continue our games of the month series with a list of titles due for release in July. Though the month constitutes the annual slump during summer game releases, there are still some good games to look forward to! Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 | Koei Tecmo Platform: PC, PS4 Release Date: July 5 Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII, is the 13th installment in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms strategy game series by Koei. It promises “deep strategy and historically accurate warfare,” with city management, diplomacy, and “a wide selection of options for conflict resolution”. You can play as one of one of 700 historical characters, or choose to create one of their own instead. Rocket League: Collector’s Edition Retail | Psyonix Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One Release Date: July 5 Everybo...

Here Are Some Of The Best Upcoming Indie Games of 2016

Summer is upon us, and with it, releases for numerous indie games. To make sure you get the best gaming experience, we have prepared a list of the best upcoming titles of summer 2016. Inside Coming to Xbox One on June 29th and Steam on July 7, Inside is the much awaited title from Playdead, the developers behind the critically acclaimed Limbo. The game is a puzzle platformer adventure, thematically and visually similar to Limbo, where the player controls a young boy in an eerie, nearly monochromatic landscape, solving environmental puzzles while avoiding the death of the character. Breached A sci-fi story set in the year 2245, Breached is a survival mystery where you have been urgently awakened from hibernation, surrounded by a barren desert, with limited oxygen supply. Explore, scavenge f...

What Is Obduction?

By now you’ve hopefully heard Cyan’s spiritual successor to Myst, its new game Obduction, has been delayed into 2016. If you hadn’t heard, well, now you have. Details on the game are still obscure, but if Myst was any hint, the this game will uphold the storytelling prowess of it’s creators. Check out the trailer below: And for more news and reviews, keep checking back at Gaming Central.

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