Trailer Of “Road To Motor City” Revealed

CezarGames have announced a new game dedicated to mobile devices, more specifically the iOS platform. The Road To Motor City is an adventure slash car game with a mixture of racing and arcade elements. The game consists vintage cars and puzzles, as you’re out to find “the meaning of life”. The game will be released in January 2016. For more news and reviews, keep checking back Gaming Central.

“The Mammoth: A Cave Painting” Now Available On Play Store And iOS

The Mammoth: A Cave Painting is the debut game from newly-formed indie studio Inbetweengames.The Mammoth: A Cave Painting you control a mother mammoth gathering and protecting her children from attacking humans. Inbetweengames is comprised of three former members of triple-A studio Yager Development, responsible for Spec Ops: The Line and, until recently, Dead Island 2. On the decision to go indie, designer Jan David Hassel said that the team felt they still had “something to prove”. “We want to make games and give them to you. That’s what we’re here for,” Hassel said. “That didn’t really work out in AAA the last couple of years for us. So we will have a go at this indie thing…It will either work out or it will go up in flames.” The Mammoth: A Cave Painting is available now on iTunes...

Minion Paradise Now Available On Play Store And IOS

Minion Paradise is a island building game of gathering resources, playing mini games, and growing your minion community. The minion craze has become an epidemic and we’re seeing them everywhere from their own blockbuster film to almost every snack available. The minions show up once again in Minions Paradise by EA. After length soft launch, Minions Paradise is now available as a free-to-play game in the App Store and Google Play. As you grow across the island, you will come across some fun and clever mini games to keep you entertained as well as disco parties. For more news and reviews, keep checking back Gaming Central.

Tech Demo Of “Time Horror”

Mobile Graphics are getting better and better day by day. This work in progress called Time Horror is a new mobile game in the works from Fyurien Studios. There is still a long way to go but it certainly shows promise in the quality of graphics we can expect to see on a mobile device. This gameplay was captured on an iPhone 6. Time Horror takes place in a test lab, where you are surrounding by the horror and bouncing through time periods after you’ve suffered a catastrophic accident. The game is still in development but take a moment to admire the graphics. For more news and reviews, keep checking back Gaming Central.

Sonic Dash 2 Coming To Play Store On October 15

For Android users in the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Africa, you can expect the game to arrive on October 15, 2015. Sega says that Sonic Dash 2 will be rolling out to other regions shortly after that. This latest addition to the long-running Sonic franchise is specifically based upon the new Sonic cartoon “Sonic Boom”, and so you can not only expect the same universe from the series, but also the same cast of characters. Even the voice actors are all signed on for this one. As for the gameplay itself, while it bears similarity to the first Sonic Dash, there are plenty of improvements baked in including fully 3D artwork, a new team play mode that enables the player to race up three other characters, and even the option to play each area as any available character. There are few new spe...

Extended Gameplay Of “Downwell”

Downwell is a “curious” game with a retro arcade touch where you venture down a while only to uncover a bunch of treasure and filthy creatures. Your support system are Gunboots, a pretty convenient tool when dropping down an endless well. While you collect these goods, platform across and down, you will uncover hidden areas. Each trip is never the same. Publisher Devolver Digital has shared an extended gameplay of the game and is expected to arrive to iOS and Android later this year. For more news and reviews, keep checking back Gaming Central.

Shooty Skies Coming To Android

The highly anticipated news comes from indie games studio Mighty Games. The team has taken it to Twitter to share that an Android version of Shooty skies is “in the works”. This was but a quick answer to a fan’s question, so sadly there is not much more info coming from the developer. Some would say Shooty Skies is a successor to Crossy Road; mostly because it was made by the same team. And though there are some similarities, such as the pixelated 3D graphics, cute characters and overall feel, these games are quite different. Shooty Skies takes you to the skies, where you can pilot an airplane using colorful animals, “adorable enemies”, loot crates and more. Just think of the classic airplane shooter games, in which the player can simply control an airplane in a linear map that leaves you ...

Murder: Cyberpunk Short Story Game Coming To Mobile

MURDER by Peter Moorhead and published by Curve Digital seeks to tell a rich short story with compelling gameplay in a 30-40 minute playtime. The upcoming game takes place in cyberpunk Tokyo where the creators describes as “exploring the intersection of morality and sentience in a feature where both have become commodities”. Players will play the role of Lieutenant Motomeru Minori of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. The game will be arriving on Steam and Humble on October 21, followed by IOS and Android releases in November.The design is minimalistic,it will include full voice acting with each character owning a unique identity for players to become absorbed in their environment. You can check out some of the visuals below. For more news and reviews, keep checking back Gaming Central.

Minecraft:Story Mode To Debut On Mobile

Plenty of hype and excitement, along with negative comments and confused looks has Minecraft: Story Mode a game we’re eager to put our hands on. As much as we love Minecraft and Telltale Games, a story-based experience in the Minecraft world is a curious area to explore. The game will arrive in a five part episodic experience with the first episode set to arrive in mid-October.The game will be available on Android and IOS on October 15,only a few days after other platforms. You can play either as a male or female protagonist,with voice over acting from Patton Oswalt and Catherine Taber, respectively.You can watch the trailer below. For more news and reviews, keep checking back Gaming Central.

Pre Registration For NFS: No Limits Begins In PlayStore

The franchise Need For Speed needs no formal introduction.These street car racing games are among the most popular of their kind, which makes the next iteration a highly anticipated one. Need for Speed: No Limits is almost ready to hit the streets. You cannot download the game now as of now but you can pre register for it. Need for Speed: No Limits brings forth the same thrilling experiences we have come to expect from the series. You get to run away from cops, race around transited streets, customize your cars and more. There’s plenty of cars to choose from, and EA claims the game includes over 250 million customization combinations for making your ride really yours. And there are licensed body kits from Rocket Bunny, Mad Mike and Vaughn Gittin Jr, too! There are multiple game modes in th...

Foldable Phone From Samsung, Coming in January

Samsung displayed some prototypes of foldable display last year. A new report from a “leakster with in-depth knowledge” suggests that Samsung may be preparing to launch a foldable smartphone next year. The name of the handset was also known as Project Valley,could appear as early as January 2016.The device was also rumoured to feature a dual display setup,with a larger display on the inside that might fold over when the shell is closed. There will apparently be two versions of the handset, both powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. Mid range version is said to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 620 SoC, while another may make use of a high-end Snapdragon 820 processor.Samsung is the first OEM to receive samples of Qualcomm’s next flagship processor, which it may also be using in the Galaxy...

EA Removes Number Of Mobile Games From Its Online Store

The following titles have been removed from the online store and will get no further updates: Bejeweled 2 Burnout™ CRASH! Dead Space Don’t Fall Off Flight Control Flight Control Rocket Fly With Me Lemonade Tycoon MASS EFFECT™ INFILTRATOR MMA by EA SPORTS™ Need for Speed Shift Real Racing Sims Medieval by EA Skate It by EA Spore™ Creatures Spore™ Origins SPY Mouse This time last year, EA removed a large catalog of titles, including the hugely successful Need for Speed titles, Command & Conquer, and Alice: Madness Returns. As of right now, Electronic Arts have stated that this decision was made to improve the quality of upcoming releases, by focusing time and assets on their latest projects. Most notably, the publisher is distributing the upcoming mobile racer, Need for Speed: No L...

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