Qualcomm Snapdragon 212,412 And 616 Launched Officially

Qualcomm has very quietly launched it’s improved version of the of the lower end of the Snapdragon family, which are 212,412 and 616. The lowest end of the chart have 212 and 412, with chips based on Cortex A7 and Cortex A53. These have been speed up. Talking about 212 it has gone from 1.1Ghz to 1.3 Ghz. And about 412 it has been raised from 1.2 GHz to 1.4 GHz, additionally 412 also sees memory bandwidth rise from 533MHz to 600Mhz.All other features remain the same as they were in previous generation. About 616 , an octa-core processor with 2 different clusters of Cortex-A53 cores. The higher speed cores run at 1.7GHz and the lower power set of cores at 1.2Ghz. One can expect to see these chips in the phone and other android devices later this year or in 2016. For more news and revie...

New MMORPG Order and Chaos 2: Redemption From Gameloft Coming Soon To Android

Game developer Gameloft just announced a sequel  to their popular MMORPG Order and Chaos Online. The sequel is called as Order and Chaos 2:Redemption and is coming to Android soon. The sequel will offer over the top MMORPG experience, similar to the Order & Chaos Online brought to the table. The game will take place 600 years after the first game, and it will be like its predecessor and will be set in the world of Haradon. The game description says:” “In the eyes of the gods, there is no time, no judge, no order, and no chaos. Everything is eternal and there is only existence. Our lives are part of a cycle. We must experience what we can and learn from it. At the end of Order & Chaos Online, the secret of Khalin’s Hammer and the location of the Primal Heart were discove...

What is StageFright?

Android weaknesses or vulnerabilities are surfacing up regularly over the past couple of years. These weaknesses are exposed by the security companies. But after this the scares just fade away, replaced by other alerts that has become the norm in the Android Ecosystem. StageFright is different. This vulnerability affects almost 95% of the Android devices and can be exploited with a simple MMS message.A specially designed piece of malware could spread like wildfire by tapping into the contact list of every infected device. Perhaps that’s why Google and major Android OEM have actually tried to offer a coordinated response. The company that discovered the StageFright is Zimperium, they have published a simple app that checks whether your phone is exposed to any of the vulnerabilities or not. ...

Huawei Nexus Prototype Spotted

We have been hearing rumours that Google is working with LG and Huawei to launch two nexus phones later this year. LG’s nexus is expected to be a lower spec phone and today we are getting a glimpse of what might prove to be a huawei nexus smartphone. The video being referred to originates from Steve Hemmerstoffer, the man behind the @onleaks account, who has a really not too bad reputation regarding the matter of spilling so far unannounced cell phones. One of the elements in Google’s upcoming Android M working framework is local backing for unique finger impression perusers and it’s obvious to see the Huawei Nexus brandish one on the back, underneath the camera like Huawei’s past handsets and future Nexus gadgets are additionally liable to have the element. The cam...

Through The Eyes of a Crossy Road Creature

Most of you have probably heard of the free-to-play game called Crossy Roads. I had mentioned this retro themed game in Best Android Games of January 2015. This endless traffic hopper is just as frustrating a game as it is entertaining. From its top-down-ish perspective itself it looks quite chaotic, imagine switching it to first person?   Well now you don’t need to as YouTuber Andy Front has done it brilliantly in this video of his.   That really is a lot to take isn’t it? Then again crossing a road in CP is almost the same thing. Nevertheless looks like an idea that could definitely work.

Battlefield 3 subscribers zooms past 4 million

EA has taken a huge leap forward with its subscribers reaching milestones for both its Battlefield 3 Premium service and its digital distribution platform, Origin. Battlefield 3 Premium subscribers have zoomed past four million in total, up from the 2.9 million subscribers reported in January. As of January, EA secured $108 million in revenue from the shooter’s content service, though no update on that figure is available in the latest financial report. Over 50 million users have registered accounts on Origin, an increase of over 20 million users since October of last year. EA’s DRM and content delivery service was introduced in June of 2011 and, according to comments from EA VP Andrew Wilson earlier this year, is currently shifting away from a means of driving transactions int...

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