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PlayStation NEO Is Bad News? | Angry Pixels Podcast #7

So who the fuck thought that bringing in a new console smack bang in the middle of a console cycle is a great idea? Is Sony needlessly ruffling feathers with the PlayStation NEO, or can it have some merits? The Pixels sit down with Abheyraj, a developer and gamer, and get to the roots of this whole console mess. And for more news and reviews, keep checking back at Gaming Central.

Batman: Arkham Origins PlayStation-Exclusive

Batman: Arkham Origins features a widely expanded Gotham City and introduces an original prequel storyline set several years before the events of the first two critically acclaimed games of the franchise– Batman: Arkham Asylumand Batman: Arkham City. The game showcases a young, unrefined Batman as he faces a defining moment in his early career. Players will encounter many important figures for the first time and forge crucial relationships that will shape the future of the characters. You’ll become Batman as he transforms from a vigilante crime fighter into the Dark Knight. PlayStation.Blog shoswcased a new trailer with two epic Batman skins: Knightfall Batman and Classic TV Series Batman. You’ll be able to fight enemies in these all-new Batsuits as well as immerse yourself in hours of add...

Bossfights in Batman: Arkham Origins Show How You Become the Dark Knight

With GTA V fever kick-starting the finale of big studio releases, the next game up for release is Batman Arkham Origins. Check out what the game developers have to say. It will surely excite you 🙂 “We want to make sure players earn their blackbelt in being Batman before the end of the game. We want you to get really good at the game by the time you’re at the heart of it,” said Michael McIntyre, gameplay director for Origins. The goal is to teach the player at the same rate that Batman learns, matching “his progressions system in lockstep with the player’s progression.” Ultimately, you should feel like Batman has improved to the point that he can take on just about anyone when you’re at the game’s climax and moving into the third act, rather than just for the final battle. In Batman: Arkham...

The #GamerInMe Contest

Howdy Folks! We are here to make your long weekend more interesting with The #GamerInMe Contest 🙂 Participate in the contest to WIN an exclusive T-shirt everyday and whats more if your answer is really creative you might grab a super awesome Razer gaming headset. So rush in and participate now. We are here with winners of the ‘GamerInMe’ Contest!! Hitesh Soni Vishal Singha Deepanshu Battu Jai Dodechani Ayush Gupta Aashish Srevastava These six gamers won cool t-shirts from Razor India and Chirag Patni was the one who won that awesome Razor headset. We just wanted to thank all you guys for taking time out to part take in this contest. The response was overwhelming and we thoroughly enjoyed going through your insightful answers. Game on you guys…

5 facts to know about GTA V

We know you are waiting with bated breath for this game, here are 5 interesting facts about GTA V. We hope you like them do share your opinion in the comments below 🙂  

Batman Arkham Origins Trailer is here !

Howdy Folks! All you bat lovers we have though Christopher Nolan’s epic triology might have come to an end but console gamers have something to rejoice that the award-winning Arkham series is returning this winter. This prequel Batman: Arkham Origins will track the Dark Knight’s first years on the job, including his first clashes with several of the series’ classic villains, who have been hired by the well-tailored crime boss Black Mask to take out Batman. The much awaited trailer featuring Deathstroke has been released, check it out here. Batman: Arkham Origins is out on 25 October on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U and PC. 

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