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Bossfights in Batman: Arkham Origins Show How You Become the Dark Knight


With GTA V fever kick-starting the finale of big studio releases, the next game up for release is Batman Arkham Origins. Check out what the game developers have to say. It will surely excite you 🙂

“We want to make sure players earn their blackbelt in being Batman before the end of the game. We want you to get really good at the game by the time you’re at the heart of it,” said Michael McIntyre, gameplay director for Origins. The goal is to teach the player at the same rate that Batman learns, matching “his progressions system in lockstep with the player’s progression.” Ultimately, you should feel like Batman has improved to the point that he can take on just about anyone when you’re at the game’s climax and moving into the third act, rather than just for the final battle.

In Batman: Arkham Origins, the Black Mask puts out a massive bounty on the head of the new up-and-coming vigilante Batman, leading eight deadly assassins to come to Gotham City on one Christmas Eve night. Batman has to take down the assassins, find and stop Black Mask, and deal with some of his other more typical rogues gallery along the way. The assassins serve as the boss battles, and each will be the culmination of knowledge – of both Batman and the player – so far.

“If you’re fighting just to scrape by, you’re actually going to lose to the assassins,” McIntyre told Newsarama. “Assassin boss fights are the driving force behind the game,” added Senior Producer Ben Mattes. “It’s all about building skills – yours and Batman’s – to the point that you can apply them in boss fights with the eight core assassins.”

So, how will you know you’re ready for each match-up? Well, a new grading system in your average thug-beating skirmishes will help let you know if you’re prepared. You’ll get graded based on your efficiency, combos, use of gadgets, and how much of a beating you took while dishing it out. Even that is put into the game not just as a gameplay addition, but as a piece of the overall narrative.

“The narrative mapping of the grading system for fights is Batman recognizing and assessing himself. It’s Batman needing to up his game,” Mattes said. “This is the night Batman goes from the masked vigilante to the Dark Knight.”

Batman: Arkham Origins is about Batman becoming Batman, but WBIE is clearly making it almost as much about you becoming Batman. On October 25, 2013, we’ll certainly be ready to don the cape and cowl and take down Deathstroke (and the other assassins) once more.

Batman: Arkham Origins ships October 25, 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The game was demoed to us on the PlayStation 3.

News Source: Newsarama

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