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The Console War Is Over, Here’s A PS4 and Xbox One Hybrid Console Combo

After 4 years are you still confused about which console to buy PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? Well, this guy has found the solution to this console war and made a lot of people’s decision easy. A console modder by the name of Ed Zarrick has made a console that suits him best and you would also want this console sitting under your TV as well. This modder is better known as EdsJunk, and spends his spare time taking apart consoles and combining them or making them more portable or giving them his own touch to the console or building custom housing. His latest project has ended the console debate by combining a PlayStation 4 and an Xbox One with the ability to swap between consoles with the flick of a switch (no pun intended). He explains: “I was not sure how I was going to accomplish...

New Nintendo Console Faster Than PlayStation 4?

News for the alleged next gen consoles such as “PlayStation 4.5” and “Xbox 1.5” are already in the minds of many and now we see some new news in regards to Nintendo’s new next gen console allegedly called “NX”. The latest details comes from Neogaf user and was backed by Emily Rogers, a long time Nintendo blogger who has often been cited as well informed insider. Her social media account was recently reactivated after a brief break, although her posts are protected. All these new details hint towards the Nintendo NX, stating it will me much more powerful than the PS4. The latest news suggests that the performance improvement seems to be vast, from the CPU, to GPU and RAM. While there is still no information on the clock speeds, memory and other things, what we do know is that the CPU is up ...

Sony and MS Set for New Console War?

Sony and Microsoft look set to be gearing up for a new console war with their latest versions of the PS4 and Xbox One. A new listing suggests the tech giant is working on releasing an Xbox One console with a 1TB internal hard drive, which could mean two new models announced at E3 in June. The release of new PS4 and Xbox One models was predicted by Netflix chief product officer Neil Hunt earlier this year, who went as far as to say that 4K support could soon be added by Sony. The price of the new model is set at $400 and has a release date listed for June 15. It could mean the new model will be launched straight after its announcement at E3, something Microsoft have done with revamped Xbox’s in the past. The new console will also come with the revamped Xbox One controller that was lea...

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