call of cthulu

Top 10 Games You Probably Missed From E3 2017

We’ve covered the highs, lows, disappointments, and no-shows of E3 2017. Here is the last list of games we might have looked over or missed but are still really cool and promising. Sonic Forces This has been announced for quite some time now. However, we finally got an in-depth look at it. There are 3 primary “modes” in the game. Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, and Forces Sonic. That new mode is one that mixes the two other modes, and allows you to create a new character based on an animal, and play the game your way. The new game looks pretty cool, and launches on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC some time later this year. Call of Cthulu This is another one we’ve known about for quite some time. It was announced back in February of 2016. Finally, we have gotten a trailer to give us an ide...

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