Bomb Squad VR

The Top 10 Best Mobile VR Games/Apps/Experiences Of 2017

With more and more developers trying their hand at Virtual Reality, we’ve some seen some really great ideas emerge in the medium. With mobile VR still being the most affordable, some of the most interesting and weird VR experiences have been on mobile phones. So here are the top 10 best mobile VR games, apps and experiences of 2017. Minos Starfighter Minos Starfighter VR is a first-person arcade space shooter built for virtual reality. Using head based movement or flying with a gamepad you pilot a small space fighter through intense space battles defeating progressively harder waves of enemies. Fire your ship’s lasers with your headsets trigger button, or if no trigger is available with gaze based targeting. Netflix VR Enjoy TV shows and movies, including award-winning Netflix ...

Best Of 2016: Top 10 Mobile VR Games And Apps of 2016

Virtual reality as a concept has seen more popularity in the last one year than it has probably ever seen before. Though in its primitive stages, VR is accessible to the masses via their cell phones. YouTube has a dedicated channel just for VR which feature amazing videos from Google, National Geographic, Xbox, Red Bull, BBC, GoPro etc. Here are some of the best VR games and apps that you can enjoy on your smartphone – Bomb Squad VR One of my absolute favorite multiplayer games of all time. Bomb Squad was the go to multiplayer game before Mini Militia came along. Now even though adding VR to this game doesn’t really change much, other than your field of view (which helps judge distances better) it still is fun to play. In this game you dodge bombs, defeat enemies and defend fla...

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