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The Top 50 Best Single Player Campaigns Of This Generation (Part 2)

There are a lot of Single Player games out in the wild, Here is a list which would help you to go on a epic journey while sitting on your couch. These are the games that you better checkout. Also, this is Part Two of a five part list, and you can check out Part 1 right here. [interaction id=”596c70017ea93a275889cf38″] Horizon Zero Dawn See the world through the eyes of Aloy, a woman shunned by her tribe from birth, as she goes on a quest to discover the deepest secrets of the ancient past. Go up against warring tribes and terrifying mechanized creatures as you enter a lush world facing the near destruction of mankind. The Last Guardian Experience the power of friendship between a boy and his mystical companion in one of the most anticipated games of the decade, from the creativ...

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