Best Mobile Games 2017

Top 5 Best Mobile Games Of February 2017

I’d like to start of by apologizing for not writing the monthly upcoming mobile games article for February. As most of you know we were caught up with India Game Show and were running on a tight schedule. Though it is kinda late for an upcoming game article, thought I’d make this one a round up sort of article instead. Batman: Arkham Underworld This game has been around for a while now, but only recently made it’s way onto android devices. In this game you strategically set up defences making infiltration difficult for attackers. Each base is headed by a villain of your choosing, which adds to the defence strategy of the base. As you might have figured out by now, the game is more of a strategy based one and that you play as the villains to try take control over Gotham. P...

Best Upcoming Mobile Games In 2017 That You Must Play

Mobile games have taken the global gaming market by storm. The gaming demographic has expanded at a rate like it had never before. Since then gaming has seen a new class of gamers emerge. This new breed is known as casual gamers, which comprise of your mum who spends hours on end playing Candy Crush. On that note, here are the best upcoming mobile games in 2017 that you must play. These are games for both Android and iOS. Super Mario Run Super Mario Run created quite the hype back in September 2016 when it was first announced at Apple’s keynote because this was the first time that Mario left the Nintendo platform and enter the iOS and Android domain. Though the game has been on iOS since December 2016, Android users are still to experience the game. Following a successful iOS release...

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