Battlefront 2 lootboxes

EA Says Turning Off Microtransactions In Battlefront 2 Doesn’t Affect Earnings

Last week we saw a major backlash against Electronic Arts regarding their implementation of microtransactions and lootboxes in Star Wars: Battlefront 2. The progression system was entirely broken and favored ‘pay to win’ mechanics. Fans and gamers were outraged at the amount of greed and disregard for player happiness that EA seemed to be showing. The backlash got so bad that EA made multiple changes during the week, and finally disabled microtransactions entirely after being pressured by Disney, who owns the original Star Wars licence. What’s even worse is that EA is now telling investors that disabling microtransactions will seemingly not effect their earnings from Star Wars: Battlefront 2 in any significant way. This indicates that their sales predictions were already ...

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