Agent 47

Hitman Adds New One Time Elusive Target Game Mode

The new Hitman reboot will be getting a new game mode, called the Elusive target, tomorrow in which the the players will be given only 48 hours to kill the unmarked NPC using the small amount of intel which will be provided. The first Elusive Target will be added today or tomorrow to the first Paris Episode. The time at which the target will be added is still to be specified. The event will run over the course till the end of the weekends. Io Interactive released some pointers which are worth checking out as they provide a lot of info on this new game mode. An Elusive Target is a once in a lifetime experience They are available for a limited time only in game – this first Elusive Target will last 48 hours Intel on the target will be limited They will not appear in instinct mode, or the min...

Hitman Movie Agent 47 Trailer

Just yesterday 20th Century Fox revealed the first trailer for upcoming Hitman movie, Agent 47, which stars Homeland‘s Rupert Friend, Star Trek‘s Zachary Quinto, and Ciaran Hinds. Agent 47, was originally set to star Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker before he died in a car crash. The movie focuses on the genetically engineered killing machine played by Friend.   Agent 47 comes out this summer and is directed by Aleksander Bach.

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