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Super Smash Bros 2.0 ? Code Shifter Nintendo Switch Review ! Guilty Gear VS BlazBlue VS Kunio-Kun !

Super Smash Bros 2.0 ? Code Shifter Nintendo Switch Review ! Guilty Gear VS BlazBlue VS Kunio-Kun !

Arc System Work’s pièce de résistance, Code Shifter, an 8-bit rendition of some of the most iconic video game characters ever to grace a home console or handheld device now in the palm of your hands on the popular Nintendo Switch! A dream come true in more ways than one, for the first time ever do we get to see Ragna=The=Bloodedge square off against Sol Badguy! BlazBlue VS Guilty Gear! You can choose Kunio-Kun and face off against Billy Lee of the Double Dragon Brothers! These are but a few of the characters to make their appearance in this star-studded cast, featuring a whopping 100 characters from the stables of ARC System Works, stringing together such franchises as Guilty Gear; BlazBlue; Kunio-Kun; Double Dragon; Jake Hunter; Of Mice and Sand; Happy Birthdays; Damascus Gear; Inferno Climber Reborn; Wizard’s Symphony. 100 Characters in 8-bit glory, along with personal chip-tune music tracks, all set in both a tough-as-nails action platformer and a 4-way free for all fighting game. A gem in the Switch’ library, a hidden treasure waiting for you to discover! Dive in with me today as my 2 month’s research will reveal all the ins and outs of Code Shifter, along with backgrounds on all of the characters! Be Sure to let me know in the comments section what you think of it and if you are planning on picking this one up!


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Kindly note that a review code was provided by Arc System Works, developer and publisher of Code Shifter for Nintendo Switch.

More Nintendo Switch game reviews coming soon, stay tuned!

Code Shifter

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