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Review: Rapoo V500Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Review: Rapoo V500Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX switches are known for being really good, and really expensive. That might be about to change, because today we play around with Rapoo’s newest edition to its gaming lineup, the V500Pro gaming keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches. It’s cheap, it’s Cherry, but is it worth it? Let’s find out.

The Rapoo V500Pro checks all the boxes when it comes to the basic features that would appeal to gamers. It has multi-RGB backlighting with each key lit individually. It is a full-size keyboard with a numpad and of course there are the Cherry MX Blue switches. That being said, on the very first look one can tell easily that it’s not a premium piece of equipment. The build quality is not bad per se, but the plastic body with the metallic top doesn’t seem very distinguished. After all, it is a budget friendly mechanical keyboard.

The layout is fairly standard, with the keys being spaced well enough to not cause any discomfort. On the top-right, you can find the backlit VPro logo, while each row of keys is lit in a different colour. The backlight colour, however remains static and preset, and can’t be tinkered around with. There’s no accompanying software that we could find, which is a plus as you don’t need to install any extra stuff, making it more convenient. On the other hand it also means that you’ll pretty much have to stick to the default settings.

The keyboard feels quite comfortable and nice to use, with the Cherry MX blue switches making that satisfying clicking sound every time you press a key. However, the blue switches are popular for being extremely loud, so you might need to be wary of anyone who might be disturbed sitting next to you. For gaming, I personally prefer red switches as they’re smoother, but that’s subjective. For other work, especially typing, blue switches are amazing as they prevent accidental keystrokes.

On the whole, the keyboard doesn’t give you much to complain about. It’s a simple, no-frills, plug-and-play mechanical keyboard. At a price point of INR 3999, it’s extremely affordable, especially for a keyboard that comes with Cherry MX Blue switches. Moreover, that’s the MRP on the box, so you can probably get it at a lower price either online or through a retailer. For anyone looking to get into PC gaming or wants to try out Cherry MX keyboards, this is a great choice as it lets you have it without putting a dent in your wallet.

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