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Review: Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming GTX 1070 GPU

The Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming GTX 1070 GPU is a beefed up version of its younger G1 Gaming counterpart, comprising of gamer-centric feautures that the company claims will make it the prime choice for gamers.

The Xtreme Gaming GTX 1070 is pretty much the same as the Xtreme Gaming GTX 1080 with the GPU swapped out. However, while the power phase design on the 1080 features a 12+2 design, it has been downgraded to 10+2 in the 1070. The PCIe power configuration has also been changed from dual 8-pin connectors to a single 8-pin along with a single 6-pin connector. When compared to its G1 Gaming counterpart, the Xtreme Gaming 1070 is obviously much more powerful.

Chipset GeForce® GTX 1070
Core Clock Boost: 1898 MHz / Base: 1695 MHz in OC mode
Boost: 1873 MHz / Base: 1670 MHz in Gaming mode
Memory Clock OC mode: 8316 MHz
Gaming mode: 8168 MHz
Process Technology 16 nm
Memory Size 8 GB
Memory Bus 256 bit
Card Bus PCI-E 3.0 x 16
Memory Type GDDR5
DirectX 12
OpenGL 4.5
Digital max resolution 7680×[email protected]
Multi-view 4
Card size H=57 L=291 W=140 mm
I/O Standard mode (Dual-link DVI-D x 1, DP1.4 x 3, HDMI 2.0b x 1)
VR mode (Dual-link DVI-D x 1, DP x 1, HDMI x 3)
Power requirement 500W ( WITH One 8-Pin and One 6-Pin EXTERNAL POWER CONNECTOR)

It features a similar Windforce stack 3x blade fan design, though the fans here are bigger (100 mm instead of 80). Also, the middle fan in the Xtreme Gaming model is a little recessed i.e. at a lower height than the other two, and spins in the opposite direction. This optimizes the airflow within the card, thus resulting in more effective cooling. The fans also come with dual ball bearings, thus making them more durable than regular sleeve bearing fans.

Following a similar colour scheme with the G1 Gaming GTX 1070, the Xtreme Gaming GPU has orange streaks, with just a little more colour on the card. It also features RGB backlight settings, which you can customize to the colour of your choice using the Xtreme Engine software. It also features the FAN STOP light, to let the users know when the fans are being powered down, which happens when the card is not under heavy load.

Like other GTX 1070 models, the Xtreme Gaming 1070 offers three DisplayPorts, one DVI port and one HDMI port. Additonally, there are two more HDMI ports on the front of the card to make it easier to connect to VR headsets or any other HDMI monitors you want to use. The backplate features a Gigabyte logo, along with two orange lines that travel throughout the length of the card. Though it’s not a dealbreaker, it may interfere with certain builds trying to keep a specific colour scheme.

Cooling in the card is more effective than the G1 Gaming version, as expected. The card sits an at idle temperature of 37 degrees, maxing out at 59 degrees under heavy load. The benchmark numbers are again better as well, with DOOM performing at 112 FPS, Anno 2205 at 75 FPS and Rise of the Tomb Raider at 78 FPS. The only game in which the G1 Gaming GTX 1070 fared better was FarCry Primal, with 68 FPS over the Xtreme Gaming edition’s 66. All the games were tested at max settings and 1440p.

Screenshot (112)

The Gigabyte GTX 1070 Xtreme Gaming is better in performance than the Founder’s Edition and the G1 Gaming Edition, and also a tad more expensive. So if you don’t mind spending a little extra for that edge in gaming experience, this may just be the best GPU for you in the price range.

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