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Real Virtuality – SuperHOT PS4 & PSVR Review

Real Virtuality – SuperHOT PS4 & PSVR Review

Right from the first moments of SuperHOT one thing is made immediately clear – this game has got style, and presents it boldly. Time moves when you do, and everyone is out to kill you. Presented in a unique fashion, you start by navigating the menus of piOS, and launch Superhot.exe.

You’re then playing through small areas where enemies are coming at you with guns, fists and melee weapons. Everything is still when you don’t move and every move you make has to be a calculated decision. Presented in a minimalist way, there are whites everywhere, punctuated by red enemies and bullets. You start of simple by facing just a couple of enemies, but soon enough you are facing down up to ten enemies coming at you from every side.

You punch out the first enemy, throw a cue ball at the guy with a shotgun, catch the shotgun as it flies at you in mid-air, shoot the guy running in from the left, throw the shotgun at another guy behind the counter, pick up a bottle and throw it at the guy coming up behind you, grab his pistol and shoot him in the head. Super HOT. Super HOT. Super HOT. A stylishly presented replays shows you a 7 second clip of you being an absolute badass, and throws you right into the next scenario.

SuperHOT is less a shooter, and more a puzzle game, Every encounter has you making careful moves, dodging bullets, and killing enemies one at a time. You die in a single hit, but respawning is a matter seconds and you’re back

There’s a story tied to the overall game, which rarely shows it’s hand but has some clever surprises to keep you invested till the end.

Levels are also very replayable, and it;s fun seeing where you can cut down seconds to end the fight. There’s and endless mode where you can test your luck against waves of enemies, and the Challenge Mode pits you against a timer, no restarts, bare hands and more.

SuperHOT VR is essentially an entirely new game, but with the same framework in place. Calculated movements in a VR space poses it’s own challenges but offers a combat experience that is unlike any other game in VR. The minimalistic presentation is visually crisp and stunning to look at in VR, and having red dudes coming right at you is even more intense.

Throwing and shooting while using your body leaves you feeling like a badass with every single successful hit. The only issue is that every once in a while the accuracy of shots feels a it off, though that might be an issue with the hardware and not the game. The length of the VR experience is another issue. With VR really starving for content, SuperHOT could’ve been the perfect game to be packed with levels and scenarios. I can only hope that there’s a SuperHOT 2 (SuperHOTTER/SuperBLAZIN’) on the way coming soon.

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        Fun Quotient



          • Unlike Any Other FPS
          • Scenarios Are Tense & Thrilling
          • Combat Is Satisfying
          • Interesting Meta Story


          • VR Experience Is Short
          • Minor Aiming Issues In VR

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