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Quick Review: AMD FX 8350 Desktop CPU

Quick Review: AMD FX 8350 Desktop CPU

Based on the Piledriver architecture, AMD FX-8350 is a mid-range octacore desktop processor. With a base clock speed of 4 GHz and max turbo speed of 4.2  GHz, it is an optimal choice for upgrading from old chips as well as building a new PC from scratch.

No. of Cores 8
Processor Model FX-8350
Compatible Socket AM3+
Clock Speed 4 GHz
Max Turbo Speed 4.2 GHz
Power Consumption 125W
Cache Memory Details L2 – 8MB

L3 – 8MB

The CPU comes with the same AM3+ socket as the old processors, so anyone with the compatible motherboard looking to upgrade can go for it. The FX-8350’s increased clock speed and improved efficiency make it faster than the old FX-8150 across the board. Moreover, like its other FX series counterparts, the processor is unlocked for overclocking, and overclocking this CPU is easier and cheaper as compared to the Intel chips. Intel’s first unlocked CPU, the Core i7-3570K, is $30 more expensive.

The CPU, however is outperformed by Intel when it comes to gaming performance. In The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, the Core i5-3550 managed an average 102 fps (frames per second), while the FX-8350 came in at 75 fps.

Geekbench 32-bit single core scores

Geekbench 32-bit single core benchmark

Geekbench 64 bit single core scores

Geekbench 64 bit single core benchmark

3D Mark 11 scores for similarly priced chips

3D Mark 11 scores for similarly priced chips

As seen from the benchmarks, the 8350 performs better than a lot of cards in the price range, making it a strong contender when looking for a CPU under budget. Which means that if you plan on bundling up with an external GPU, this would make a better choice as the price would allow you to go for a better GPU than you could with an Intel chip of same performance.

One area of concern would be power consumption. Though it does not draw much power when running idle, power consumption while running heavy processes can go high (about 230W). And with overclocking, that number will only increase.


That being said, the FX-8350 makes an excellent choice for someone looking for a decent budget CPU for productivity related tasks, or someone who uses applications that are able to utilize all the available 8 cores efficiently. For gaming purposes, however, if do not intend to pair it with a great GPU, if will hinder your graphics performance, especially in gaming. Still, with its cost effectiveness it may just give you what you need.


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