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Pokemon GO Craze: Employees Taking Leaves To Hunt Pokemon Across The Nation

Pokemon GO Craze: Employees Taking Leaves To Hunt Pokemon Across The Nation

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or are a rock, you are bound to have heard of the world phenomenon that is Pokemon GO. Many accidents have happened, dead bodies discovered, folks have been abducted, Pokemon have been captured near Area-51, and other near-apocalyptic-events have come to pass in its wake.

The Pokemon GO fever or fervour is at an all time high, and it was bound to catch up with our employees, who are hardcore gamers, and Pokemon fans. Unsurprisingly, they have all requested long leaves in order to become the best Pokemon Master out there. And, the GC Overlords have obliged.


Nikhill will be setting forth to Mumbai, and glean what he can among the hustle-bustle. He’s also been battling withdrawal symptoms after being away from Tinder these past few days. I guess you can’t catch them all. Gurnoor, being the proud Punjabi that she is, will be scouring the western frontier. Jasmeet is heading to Ladakh, in the hopes of not freezing his nuts off while capturing some super-rare Pokemon. Shrey, being the adventurous nerd that he is (yes, that’s a thing) is taking a trip to the north-east. While he claims that he wishes to ‘Catch Em All’, we suspect that a craving for some juicy dumplings might be the real reason.

Joash has been itching to get on his bike, and traverse the southern parts of the nation. Godspeed, young man! Sachith, resourceful that he is, has already captured many a great Pokemon, and now plans to strike marketing deals with with. No kidding. And Manas, that lazy bum, had uninstalled Pokemon GO the instant he realised that it requires actual walking, and has since returned to playing Overwatch.

Anyways, our Pokedex will be epic, so be sure to check for a status update soon. Also, let us know about your Pokemon adventures in the comments below.

If you some how have not been able to get a hold of the Pokemon App, you can download it hereAnd for tips and tricks as to becoming the Ultimate Pokemon Master, check out our Guide here.

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And for more nerdy nonsense, keep checking back at Gaming Central.

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