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A One Night Stand Video Game?

A One Night Stand Video Game?

One Night Stand, as the name suggests, is a game about a one night stand. The gamer finds himself/herself naked in a stranger’s bed and the task is to try and piece together how you got there.

Though the game plays out in about 12 different scenarios, the story pretty much is a gentle look at how two people can get together and how it plays on from there.


In reality, one night stands are kinda weird and not exactly the most exciting of events when one of the two has to make their way home. One Night Stand is strongest when it is expressing that exact awkwardness. The man you play as doesn’t remember his lover’s name or much of the proceedings of the night before.

The game takes place in a single room where you are left to figure out how he got there from the smattering of objects within it which inevitably reveals how ignorant you are of your circumstances.


While there are elements of an adventure game here, you tend to come off as invasive and creepy. In and around the room are items to try and piece together who this woman is. In fact during gameplay, if you call her by another name she will kick you out.


The naturalistic animation adds to the game’s humanity. The motions are fluid and perhaps startling in a way. The screen is constantly covered in a pale pink and orange shade which indicates a nice and warm morning.

The game is a small and intimate slice of what feels like a real human interaction. It is not only unique but refreshing in its simplicity. The game doesn’t unravel great mysteries of the universe but just about two people trying to understand each other.

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