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Oh My Godheads – Review

Oh My Godheads – Review

I’ve always enjoyed couch co-op games, even more so since I moved in with my partner and wanted to play more games with her and with friends who would come over. Oh My Godheads has been an absolutely delightful addition to our collective gaming experience simply because of how easy it is to just jump in, pick a game mode, and have an incredibly fun couch-multiplayer experience.

If you’ve played the likes of Bomb Squad, Oh My Godheads will feel somewhat familiar. The twist here is that you’ll be playing with “Godheads”, who often have personalities of their own. An easy example is the game-mode, Capture The Godhead, a twist on the standard Capture The Flag where the flag is a Godhead who will actively resist capture while the other team tries to steal the head away from you. Different Godheads have different quirks and abilities, and it’s hilariously fun to watch and play.

It’s easy to watch and understand what abilities each Godhead possesses, though learning the ropes can take a while. There’s a good variety of both the game modes, maps and Godheads, and all of them make for a enjoyable rotation.The maps themselves are cleverly designed, and make for an fun challenge.

There are also simple deathmatches if you just want to go around on a killing spree. These are just as fun, and really fast paced. My only issue was that when the games moves fast, there are occasions when it’s not easy to keep track of where my player was. They are all color codes, but the screen often becomes a mash of various explosions, colors and characters flying around, and it’s easy to lose sight of your own character. It doesn’t happen a lot, and for the most part, only leads to some hilarious panicky moments.

You can also play the game solo to get a hang of the various game-types, but Oh My Godheads is best enjoyed with friends, especially those who have no clue what’s going on. Figuring it out along the way is half the fun.

Oh My Godheads is a really enjoyable couch multiplayer game, which takes some existing ideas and adds new twists to it. It’s not perfect by any means, but whatever flaws it has is easy overlooked by how much fun it is to play with friends.

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