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NX Wasn’t Revealed At E3 Due To Fear Of Imitators

NX Wasn’t Revealed At E3 Due To Fear Of Imitators

In a recent tweet, Shigeru Miyamoto, Creative Fellow at Nintendo said that they would’ve revealed information about the upcoming Nintendo NX at this year’s E3, but they were worried that imitators might copy it.


Since the very beginning, Nintendo has had a reputation of being innovative when it comes to both hardware and software. They introduced the original analog thumbstick and the rumblepak, gave us motion gaming and 3D gaming that does not require 3D glasses. And if the rumors are to be believed, the NX will be nothing short of a game changer.

Miyamoto may have a point. When Nintendo released the N-64 with an analog thumbstick and rumble pak, it was soon followed by  Playstation and Sega Dreamcast controllers that came with thumbsticks on their controllers with rumble pak. Then Nintendo Wii introduced the revolutionary motion control to the world and was ridiculed by a lot of people for a gimmicky control interface in order to stir curiosity, but Wii sales were through the roof. Suddenly, the Wii wasn’t a joke anymore, and we saw introduction of motion gaming controls from almost all the major gaming giants.

Agreed, Nintendo has also disappointed the fans quite often, especially in recent times. There is a lack of third party support, which means less games, and people want more from Nintendo. No wonder the expectations to see something about the NX at this E3 were so high. A lot of speculation exists and no concrete details about the platform are out yet. What is the community to expect? Is this is something to hype the NX? Or Does Nintendo have something up their sleeves? With the Scorpio and PS Neo soon to come, it will definitely be fascinating what strategy Nintendo chooses to adopt once these consoles are actually released.

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