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Nintendo NX Official Preview Today, Here’s What You Need To Know

Official preview today at 7 AM PT/ 7.30 PM IST

Nintendo NX Official Preview Today, Here’s What You Need To Know

Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement with an upcoming trailer, Battlefield 1 release and now the official preview for the Nintendo NX – could this week be any more exhilarating?

In a Twiiter post, Nintendo of America has confirmed that they will be releasing new details about their upcoming console on 20th October i.e. today at about 7 AM PT, which means around 7.30 PM according to the Indian Standard Time. Looks like the time for rumours and speculation.

Now, no details have been shared by Nintendo as to what the preview will be about. We don’t know how long it will be or whether we’ll get to see any games or the NX in action, but it is bound to be exciting. The noteworthy thing is that Nintendo is calling the announcement a “trailer” rather than a full presentation. Nonetheless, it’s possible that all the rumours we’ve heard by now will either be confirmed or put to rest by the end of the day.

While the Nintendo NX has been in the news for quite a while, the company has been utterly silent on specific details. As per the latest set of speculations, the device is supposed to be a handheld-console hybrid (handsole, if you must), and it will use cartridges, much like the older 3DS and DS systems. However, Nintendo has confirmed two details: it’s looking forward to a release in March 2017, and it will certainly be able to play the highly anticipated addition to The Legend of Zelda saga, Breath of the Wild. 

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