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Is The Next Tomb Raider Game Going To Be Episodic?

Is The Next Tomb Raider Game Going To Be Episodic?

Recently we got official confirmation from Crystal Dynamics that a new Tomb Raider game is in the works, and we can expect to hear more from them soon. But its also now seems that the announcement might have also included some hidden message in it. Take a look:

The developers seem to have a release window in mind that is a lot closer to when they show some actual trailers and gameplay, much like how Fallout 4 was revealed and released. What stands out is the mention of them taking a new approach – some are speculating that this might be an indication that the next Tomb Raider, currently being called, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, might be released in an episodic format. There’s reason to believe that this is true, given the success of Life Is Strange, which is also published by Square Enix, who have shown an interest in monetizing their games over a longer cycle.

One can also imagine that new regions in the game unlock in the form of new episodes, similar to how the Hitman reboot did it.

Another interesting tidbit is that the first of each sentence in that message combines to form – SHADOW. Coincidence? Maybe..

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