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New PS4 model with 1TB hard drive

New PS4 model with 1TB hard drive

Sony has two new PS4 models in the works, one with a 1TB hard drive. The leak comes via the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) who have published documents relating to the two new consumer SKUs.

DualShockers spotted the documentation, which reveals the model numbers as CUH-1215A and CUH-1215B, the latter of which has the expanded hard drive, the former with the original 500GB hard disk.

They also come with new power supplies with lower output than the current ones – rated at 230W and 2.3-0.95A compared to the previous 250W and 2.5-1.15A.

Sony is yet to make any official announcement about the new models, but with their E3 press conference two weeks away (16 June) it will now be expected that the new devices will be officially unveiled there.

Neither model is expected to come with an entirely new external design, meaning all the changes will be internal. Not at all surprising given the original PS4’s looks still hold up pretty well a year and a half on from the original release.

No information on when the new models will be released but sometime this year is almost certain. Who knows, Sony could even pull off a Microsoft and release the new models during the week of E3 itself.

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