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Netflix Has Some Really Cool Video Game Movies For Gamers

Netflix Has Some Really Cool Video Game Movies For Gamers

You know you’re a gamer when the a,s,d and w keys on your keyboard are completely worn out. Once you start playing a new game it can be next to impossible to put it on pause. Every now and then, give those thumbs a break and enjoy these video game based movies on Netflix:

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Halo, The Fall Of Reach

Civilian Dr. Catherine Halsey and Lieutenant Jacob Keyes traveling to meet John, a six-year-old boy. Dr. Halsey reveals to Keyes that John is one of 150 children who possess rare genetic markers making them suitable for conscription into the SPARTAN-II program, a secret experiment with the aim of creating super soldiers for the UNSC to quell rebellions.

Halo Legends

The universe of the Halo video game series is expanded in seven short animated films from Japan’s greatest anime directors and studios. The idea for an anime compilation existed for years before there was momentum for the project. 343 creative director Frank O’Connor produced story outlines or finished scripts that the production houses animated in a variety of styles.

Tomb Raider

This live action feature is inspired by the most successful interactive video-game character in history — Lara Croft. Beautiful and brainy, Lara (Angelina Jolie) is the heroine of Eidos Interactive’s phenomenally successful “Tomb Raider” game series. It is one woman’s fearless quest crisscrossing the globe, in an amazing attempt to save the world.

Resident Evil

Based on the popular video game, Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez star as the leaders of a commando team who must break into “the hive,” a vast underground genetics laboratory operated by the powerful Umbrella Corporation. There, a deadly virus has been unleashed, killing the lab’s personnel and resurrecting them as the evil Undead.

Final Fantasy

AVALANCHE performs a successful bombing operation at a Shinra Mako reactor in Midgar. A second run on another reactor goes wrong, and Cloud falls into the slums of the city. There, he meets Aerith and defends her from an attack by the Turks. Meanwhile, Shinra finds AVALANCHE’s location and collapses part of the upper city, killing most of AVALANCHE along with the slum population below.

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