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Nebula: Sole Survivor Is A Top-Down Shooter Done Right

Nebula: Sole Survivor Is A Top-Down Shooter Done Right

It’s the story of engineers and astronauts on a deadly moon of Jupiter called Europa. Discover new creatures and weapons as you fight off levels of the “Infection,” to get off of the moon that was once going to become a second Earth for human life. Learn the layout and solve puzzles as you fight your way to an escape through the underground base, CICADA, fighting off anything that comes your way. Become the survivor and experience the fear of Europa’s creatures down every turn.

The game takes place on an icy moon of Jupiter, Europa. In a not so distant future, the United Interstellar Administration has settled a top-notch scientific research station on Europa, called CICADA Biomass and Geology Ground Base.

The CICADA Base spreads across many miles under the icy surface. It’s the largest human complex ever built outside Earth, and its purpose was both to study the life forms that were detected deep inside the subterranean caves of Europa, and to start laying the foundations for the first human colony within the Jupiter Sector.

Show your support for the game on it’s Kickstarter page here.

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