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Maker’s Meet Happening On 14th May

Maker’s Meet Happening On 14th May

Are you a Maker?

We cordially invite you all to this one-of-a-kind extravaganza called “Maker’s Meet”. Well, what’s a Maker’s Meet? It’s a melting pot of various PC related activities that you can experience under one roof. So whether you are a gamer, an enthusiast, an overclocker or a layman wanting to learn more about computers and related technology, Maker’s Meet offers you all that and more…

Why Should You Attend the Maker’s Meet?

1. Experience ‘Virtual Reality’ presented by NVIDIA and learn how it will change the face of gaming in times to come!
2. Meet our world class Makers from Cooler Master who will help you understand how to customize the look of your gaming system to reflect your personality.
3. If fragging is what gets you going, there’s a LAN party thrown by BenQ on their world class Gaming Monitors for you to show your skills!
4. The PC Building workshop conducted by Gigabyte will teach you how to select great components to build your world class systems!

Also, you can participate in PC Showcase competition, where you can show case your PC and win amazing prizes from the participating brands or if you think you have it in you to quickly build a PC then come and participate in the PC Building competition to win more prizes.

See you all…

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