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Mafia III Capped At 30 FPS, Patch Might Be Released On The Weekend

Mafia III Capped At 30 FPS, Patch Might Be Released On The Weekend

Mafia III, on of the most anticipate games of the year launched at midnight, and what followed was not only a little surprising but also a cause of dismay to a lot of users.

The game is currently capped at 30 FPS, meaning no matter how powerful your hardware configuration is, you that highest framerate that you’ll achieve in the game is limited to 30. Naturally, the community who had been waiting for the game so expectantly is enraged by the situation, resulting in a lot of negative reviews for the game on Steam. As these reviews are mostly first impressions, it would be a little too early to say the game is bad just because of this issue.

However, the devs do plan to deal with the FPS cap, indicated by the official Mafia III website: “We know how important having options that best suit your PC’s performance capabilities are. The team has been hard at work ensuring that Mafia III’s performance is consistent across all platforms, and right now the game runs at a solid 30 frames-per-second.”

An update to the same post has been added, which says: “We currently have a patch running here at the studio that includes 30, 60, and unlimited frames-per-second options in the video menu, among other improvements for the PC version of Mafia III. We’re verifying the patch now to ensure everything is working as expected. If everything goes well, we expect the update to go live this weekend. We will be keeping the PC community up-to-date on the status of the patch throughout the weekend and thank you for all the feedback!”

So we can safely assume that a patch will be out soon enough to deal with the issue, and PC gamers can release the full potential of their configuration. Stay tuned for more updates.

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