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Little Nightmares New DLC ‘The Hideaway’ And Demo Available

Little Nightmares New DLC ‘The Hideaway’ And Demo Available

Get ready for The Hideaway, the second chapter of Secrets of The Maw. The Runaway Kid wakes up in the engine area of The Maw, a dark and grimy place populated by Nomes. Included in the Expansion Pass of the critically-acclaimed game Little Nightmares from Tarsier Studios, The Hideaway is available today on PlayStation Network, XboxLive store and Steam.

Highlighted in an all new video reveal, the Runaway Kid will have to find and rescue the Nomes to escape from this gloomy place. These curious creatures have a secret but they can help to overcome all obstacles! Where are all these Nomes coming from? What secrets are buried in their nest? The Hideaway introduces more complex puzzle mechanics that will require you to work with the Nomes in a hub-like layout to let you have more freedom to explore.

The start of Six’s adventure is available to enjoy as a free demo starting today on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Bandai Namco Entertainment are also pleased to reveal the release date of the third and final chapter of Secrets of The Maw is 10th February, 2018.

Little Nightmares available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The expansion pass Little Nightmares Secrets of The Maw can also be purchased on these platforms. The Depths and The Hideway, are now available with the last chapter arriving on 10th February, 2018. The Deluxe Edition including the base game and the Expansion Pack is available now at all good game stockists.

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