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HyperX CLOUD Revolver Gaming Headset Review

HyperX CLOUD Revolver Gaming Headset Review

We’ve all been playing one or the other multiplayer game lately, be it Doom or Overwatch or Uncharted or Division.  These games are specially fun when you play with friends, for which you usually need a good gaming headset. And I am often asked which is a good headset for Gaming. So we’re are taking a look at some of the best Gaming Headsets available in the market, starting off with the Cloud Revolver Pro Gaming Headset by HyperX.

The Hyper Cloud series is a surprisingly good range of headsets coming from guys who primarily make storage devices, and the Cloud Revolver does not let you down.

The ear cups are very comfortable, specially during long hours of gaming. I’ve spent hours playing the Division with no discomfort at all, and this is partly due to the memory foam and high quality leatherette. The ear cups are also big enough that there’s breathing space for your ears. The head band also adds to the comfort factor as it automatically fits on your head without you having to make any adjustments. The frame around the headband is made of steel. This makes the headband really durable, and a bit more flexible.

The sound quality is actually pretty good. Weapon sounds, grenade explosions, rain noises all sound authentic and impactful. My only complain is that it does not have virtual 7.1 surround sound as in the Cloud 2, which feels like an odd decision on HyperX’s part.

The mic is also pretty good. I had no complains while chatting with friends on the PSN. Its good enough to use for Twitch streams. However, its not something you’d use record anything professionally. Also, it’s detachable, which is neat.

The headset looks great. Its stylish without overdoing it. I kinda wish that the circles around the ear cups would have acted like a volume dial, but they look cool anyways. Listening to music is also a pleasant experience, and the volumes can go up pretty loud.



With its 3.5 mm audio jack, the headset is compatible with all you devices, be it a PC, PS4, Xbox One, the Wii U, and even your smartphone. The 3 foot long cable can be conveniently connected to your controller, and can be extended using the 6.5 foot extension cable. The extension cable also has built in options to mute the mic and adjust the volume, and comes with separate audio and mic jacks for your PC. It also has a small clip if you want to attach it to your shirt.

Overall the HyperX Cloud Revolver is a pretty solid choice if you’re looking to buy a new headset for gaming. It’s a bit expensive, but makes up for it in durability and quality.

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