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Here’s What The Latest No Man’s Sky Patch Is All About

Here’s What The Latest No Man’s Sky Patch Is All About

No Man’s Sky, the highly anticipated and to some extent unsuccessful space exploration and survival title by indie game studio Hello Games is under constant criticism for the botched experience and gameplay elements. The developers seem to be working hard to resolve most of the issues, but fans are disappointed with the problems existing in the first place, considering the game had been delayed numerous times already.

The title received its third patch recently, aimed at addressing the common issues players were facing. Top on the priority list were fixing the save system, decreasing the possibility of being stranded, and quite a few bug fixes. Hello Games claims that this patch should fix about 70% of the complaints that the players had at the time of release.

Space Stations

Prior to this  patch, it was possible that if you died in the atmosphere of a planet in a damaged ship, you were be transported to the nearest space station. If you didn’t have the resources to make repairs, you could end up stranded. This patch resolves the problem, ensuring a proper spawn point that won’t leave the player stuck in such a scenario.

Save Files

Players who have experienced corrupted saves in the past are now capable of loading those save files. This is in an effort to pinpoint what is corrupting the files and Hello Games is working with players to identify the problem, allowing this fix in the meantime in hopes of helping players recover otherwise lost saves.

Crash Fixes

This part of the patch addresses three major problems that have been causing No Man’s Sky to crash:

  • A game-crashing threading issue that results from the player building a larger and larger database of discoveries has been resolved.
  • A large number of blueprints in inventory that are gained in a specific set of orders caused the game to crash upon the player collecting their next blueprint. This has been resolved.
  • Players who set numerous waypoints regularly could crash the game in the Galactic Map.

Evidently, efforts are being made to fix the game as much as it can be fixed, but still, it’s not easy to say how many people will give the game a second chance, given that the player base has dropped rapidly in the second week following the game’s release.

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