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H1 – 2020 Worlds Championships Finals: Suning vs DAMWON Gaming

H1 – 2020 Worlds Championships Finals: Suning vs DAMWON Gaming

We look to the League of Legends Worlds Finals on Saturday, October 31, as the LPL’s best will face off against the LCK. The LCK’s finest DAMWON Gaming will try to deny the Chinese teams from the LPL a third consecutive Worlds title.

The semi finals were played over the weekend, with DAMWON Gaming dominating the last representative from outside of Asia LEC’s G2 Esports. Many were hopeful that last year’s finalists could edge out the Korean’s. However, DAMWON Gaming has shown to be a very strong team throughout the year and has produced some excellent performances throughout 2020 Worlds. So much so, that we’re seeing a growing number of sports betting rollovers becoming available as they cover the action in Shanghai. 

Suning Gaming is the team that will take on the favorites DAMWON on Saturday, having beaten the tournament favorites Top Esports 3-1 this weekend. Despite a number of excellent games from JD’s Jungler, and arguably the best jungler in the world, Karsa, JD were unable to make an impact over the series. Suning showed to be resolute and innovative in their style of play. But will they have enough to beat an experienced DAMWON team this weekend?

Who will win the 2020 Finals?

It’s felt like a very quick 2020 League of Legends World Championship and we’ve already reached the crescendo. From JD’s epic, yet heart-breaking 3-2 sweep of Fnatic in the quarters, the emergence of a dominant Korean lineup once again on the international stage, Worlds 2020 has been awesome. 

There’s just one best of 5 series to go and we’ll know who claims glory in Shanghai. What we do know is both these teams have been too much for their opponents thus far. G2 looked strong enough to compete with DAMON after disposing of Gen.G 3-0 in the quarters. But the Korean team only faltered momentarily, before returning to operating with their signature flawless tactical play. Suning have also shown they can compete with the best teams in the world, beating JD Gaming and then Top Esports with a confident 3-1 scoreline in each knockout stage. Top Esports knight was brought in to replace Angel, only for the out of favor Mid Laner to make them regret that decision. Angel has proven himself in this tournament and will look to do so once again against the formidable ShowMaker of DAMWON Gaming.

While many have DAMWON down as favorites, some of the individual performances on the side of SN Gaming have been pretty special. SofM has been one of the players of the tournament, playing with confidence and flair throughout. The 22-year old Vietnamese rookie has shown he’s ready to take this team all the way. 

For anyone that’s been watching Worlds, they’ll be aware that the Jungle role has been pivotal in many games. SN has SofM, but DAMON has Canyon. 19-year old Canyon joined in 2018 and has been the main man clearing camps ever since. While he is a great support to mid and top, he is also a playmaker and quite capable of carrying games. Suning have a carry of their own in the form of Toplaner Bin. Bin’s Jax was showcased in the Semifinals and will haunt Top Esports for weeks to come. It’s worth mentioning that huangfeng has been absolutely outstanding for SN and if DAMWON isn’t looking to ban out his Jihn, they could be in real trouble on Saturday. 

DAMWON’s adc Ghost isn’t bad either, which makes the Botlane fairly evenly matched overall, with both adc’s playing excellently this tournament. In terms of opponents, it’s certainly been a far more challenging road to the finals for the Chinese representatives. However, it’s not to belittle what DAMWON has done at Worlds, and has been doing on the entire competitive circuit in 2020. This is also the last chance for a team outside of the LPL to halt the LPL’s dominance of Worlds champions.

So, who’s going to win? Well, you just never know with League. But one thing is for sure, that’s the fact that Nuguri, Canyon, and ShowMaker are probably the best players in their position – and they all play for DAMWON Gaming. 

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