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Gundam Versus – Review

Gundam Versus – Review

I’ve always been fascinated by giant mechs fighting each other, and Gundam Versus offers giant mech battles in heaps. It’s also easily one of the best Gundam games in the market right now. Gundam Versus is very much anime, which in turn leads to some really spectacular battles. It’s a culmination of over a hundred mechs from the Gundam universe, and the sheer joy of weaving around in giant mech robots is immensely satisfying.

While multiplayer is where the meat of Gundam Versus lies, the single player is surprisingly robust. You can choose to play solo or with up to two other AI players. The game pits you against waves of enemies where you’ll be dodging, tackling and fighting tons of other mechs. You can also just fight against a team of other Gundam enemies, and hone your skills.

There’s enough depth here to keep you invested.

Different Gundam Suits have their own benefits, and strategizing for battles with the team you bring along with you feels rewarding and engaging. Even with AI players there’s enough depth here to keep you invested. Player positions, and assigning roles is of utmost importance, and the right tactics often leads to satisfying victories.

There’s not much of a story, and what little there is will be lost in translation, quite literally. Not much of the dialogues have been translated to English, and while this never hinders the progress of the game, it definitely loses a lot of context. Honestly though, I can’t complain. I’m here to see mech fights, and Gundam Versus does that incredibly well.

I’m here to see mech fights, and Gundam Versus does that incredibly well.

The multiplayer is significantly more enjoyable than the single player. All of the team play emphasized is single player becomes even more relevant in multiplayer. You can quickly give ut status updates to team mates at the press of a button, which makes up for the lack of in-game voice chat.

The game is also surprisingly well balanced, while also allowing you to take higher level Gundams in your team. The way it maintains balance is introducing a point system. There’s a total pool of 1000 points, and different Gundams cost a certain amount of points to be added to the team. If your team does not use up all the available points, then your Gundams can respawn with the remaining points acting as HP. It’s an interesting system which offers more flexibility, while still maintaining balance.

Offers more flexibility, while still maintaining balance.

Sadly there’s no local multiplayer at all, and this feels like a missed opportunity. It’s an odd decision for what’s essentially a team based fighting game. That would also have been an easy way to introduce new folks to the Gundam universe.

Despite the issues, Gundam Versus is a really enjoyable game for both fans and newcomers. It’s just easy to pick and a lot of fun to master. Even without any local multiplayer support, there’s a lot here to enjoy, be it playing solo, with AI or online with other players.

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