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Flappy Bird featured in GTA IV

Flappy Bird featured in GTA IV

Some say it was just a matter of time, others quite taken a back when they saw this. But a new mod has brought the worlds of Flappy Bird and Grand Theft Auto together and the results are quite mind-blowing! YouTube user “taltigolt” published a video today highlighting the creation of modders “julionib” and “quechus13,” wherein the rules of Flappy Bird are applied to Grand Theft Auto IV.

Watch the video and you’ll see GTA IV protagonist Niko Bellic wearing a Flappy Bird-style mask and flying through the world, earning points by hitting pedestrians on the head. Running into objects like telephone poles means you die, and your score starts back at zero.

The original Flappy Bird–which was withdrawn from app stores worldwide by its creator this month because it was “too addictive”–was known to be insanely difficult. But this GTA IV mod keeps that spirit alive. Though the conditions are quite different, I mean hitting pedestrians on the head isn’t all that easy, as they are always moving, unlike Flappy Bird’s green pipes that are stationary.




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