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E3 2016 – Sony Outshines The Competition?

E3 2016 – Sony Outshines The Competition?

This year’s E3 conference showcased a lot of promise from all the developers, but we can’t help but feel that Sony clearly takes the cake. From an eargasmic start from the composer of the OST to “God of War” to the end with an actual gameplay footage of their new zombie survival game, “Days Gone”, the entire showcase is a delight to watch.

It feels much more focused and streamlined when compared to Microsoft, Sony’s arch rival in the world of gaming. While Microsoft had a lot of amazing content to offer in terms of both hardware and games, it’s easy to notice that they might have been a little too eager to push their next major addition to the Xbox One family – Project Scorpio. Scheduled for release during holiday season ’17, they announced it right along the Xbox One S, the slimmer, cheaper version of the current gen Xbox One, and somehow, that does not seem like a great idea. I mean, when all the titles and accessories that Xbox One owners currently possess will be compatible with Project Scorpio, doesn’t it make more sense for one to wait a little while and get the beast of a console, rather than investing $200 in a slimmer model which would sooner or later (definitely sooner) become outdated?

On the other hand, Sony seems to have played all its cards right. Whether you’re a warrior who serves the Greek Gods, or a tribeswoman fighting mechanized dinosaurs with fire arrows, or a happy man turned drifter who is fighting to survive against a horde of zombies, Sony has delivered it all. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on Horizon: Zero Dawn.  And it doesn’t end at that. Hideo Kojima, who gave us beloved titles like Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania is back. And guess what? He brings Norman Reedus with him. That’s right. Your favourite zombie slaying badass will be the face of the next Kojima game, titled “Death Stranding”. How are we not supposed to get excited about that? And coming from Kojima, it is definitely bound to make an impact.

In addition to all this awesomeness, there was also a lot of emphasis on the PS VR, with the device set to launch on October 13th 2016 in the US. It will boast of being able to play about 50 titles by the end of this year, some of which include Resident Evil VII, Batman Arkham VR, Farpoint and Final Fantasy XV.  The footage for these games looks quite amazing in VR, and we definitely look forward to each and every one of them.

Check out Sony’s press conference!


Who had the best showcase according to you? Share your views in the comments section!

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