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Dragon Age: Inquisition’s trailer initiate new story

Dragon Age: Inquisition’s trailer initiate new story

A new trailer that has come out today seems to have set the stage for Dragon Age: Inquisition, which is expected to come our during the first week of October this year.

Dragon Age: Inquisition starts with the events at a peace conference between the mages and templars. An upheaval breaks out and causes havoc on the initial plans, while causing the extinction of many members of the world’s ruling classes.

“There’s an interesting undertone here of people in the world believing that you have been sent as a leader by the maker of the universe,” explained creative director Mike Laidlaw, in an interview with Polygon. “As a player, I have the option of saying, ‘Oh yeah, I’m the chosen one’ or asking what the hell they are talking about. It’s up to the player.”

“After the big explosion, the heads of the factions in the civil war are killed and so the Inquisition moves in to fill the gap,” added Laidlaw. “Once you come out of the Fade, you show yourself to be a leader. Someone has to take control and the power of the Inquisition gives you the freedom to take action.”

The game environment is considerably larger and more varied than the previous Dragon Age games.  Today’s trailer shows some epic sweeping shots of locations such as a frozen forest with abandoned elven ruins.

“We want to show people the central premise of the game, including the Inquisitor and how it is related to the Fade,” said Laidlaw. “You can also see some of the great personality of the game and the scale of this open world.”

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