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Destiny 2 Included Legendary Gauntlet With White Supremacist Logo

Destiny 2 Included Legendary Gauntlet With White Supremacist Logo

Bungie recently came a little under fire when people saw a pair of legendary gauntlets had the “Kek” logo on it. “Kek” for those unfamiliar with started off as a Word of Warcraft meme that recently got popularized by 4chan, and which later got turned into a flag of the fictional country “Kekistan”. The flag was deliberately created to resemble the Nazi Germany flag and was recently spotted being carried by people attending the White Nationalists rallies.


Bungie admitted the logo was featured in the game and apologised and took it down 5 hours later from the armour. Further work will be needed to change its appearance during inspection and in the armour’s in game icon, which will be done next week.

Bungie states that it’s not intentional but it certainly seems very intentional with the design and color scheme to match. Whoever designed it, probably did it as a joke of some sort without realising that it was being used as a hate symbol.

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