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Dance Of The Dead – Diablo III: Rise Of The Necromancer Review

Dance Of The Dead – Diablo III: Rise Of The Necromancer Review

Necromancers are pretty fascinating. And, Diablo III’s take on the class is absolutely fantastic. Rise of the Necromancer comes as a DLC that adds a whole new class, the Necromancer (duh), which was one of the most popular characters in Diablo II. The only problem? That’s all there is to it. It doesn’t add any story content.

That doesn’t stop it from being awesome, though. The Necromancer is probably one of the most powerful classes in the game, not to mention the most badass. From raising corpses to blowing them up in geysers of bile and blood, you can do just about anything. And my, is it fun. There’s a horde of abilities in your arsenal that you can use to suit your play style.

The Necromancer excels at both melee and ranged combat. You can play defensively, staying back and sucking health from enemies while your undead army marches on, or you can use your scythe to chop them off. Honestly, it might just be a little op. But that shouldn’t really be much of an issue, considering that the game has been out for quite a while, and most of the fans of the series must have already played it. At the very least, it provides them an incentive to go back to it, that too in a very fun way. For the people new to the franchise, this may provide an entertaining, albeit less challenging introduction.

The only issue with Rise of the Necromancer is that it’s just a character pack. You also get a custom portrait, over 30 new legendary items, and pets, but at $15 it seems to be a bit overpriced. Don’t get me wrong, the Necromancer is hands down my favourite class in Diablo III. And it has been done extremely well. But there are no new quests, campaigns, especially with that title.

The Verdict

Diablo III is a pretty well-rounded game, and the Necromancer, according to me is the best class it has to offer. If it weren’t for the price tag, there would be no second thoughts about recommending it. Nevertheless, it is an amazing character pack that provides an highly entertaining way to go about a classic hack and slash experience, and to relive the most enjoyable character from Diablo II.

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