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Meet MiniDOOM, A Cutesy Sidescroller Tribute To DOOM

Meet MiniDOOM, A Cutesy Sidescroller Tribute To DOOM

DOOM is well known for being one of the premier and the most influential FPS games ever, and this year saw the game make a tremendous comeback. But ever wonder how it would look as a 2D shooter? To satisfy your curiosity, here comes MiniDOOM.

MiniDOOM is a fan made project based on the first DOOM, and although a short parody game, it still looks and feels really cool. I mean, given the plot where you’re a angry space marine tasked with shooting (or blasting or vapourizing or beheading) demons and monsters, it might not seem like a paradigm shift. BUT, this game doesn’t need to try too hard to make sure the original remains as “metal” as it has always been, and that’s quite a feat. I mean, considering the sprites look kinda cute. Have you seen that Cacodemon?

Check out the launch trailer below:

MiniDOOM is only 11 MB, and it sure seems worth checking out. Feel free to download the game here.

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