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Introducing GCN: Episode 1 Out Now

Hello, gamers! We at Gaming Central are proud to introduce our new webseries, GCN! GCN is your weekly fix for all the latest happenings in the world of gaming, in India and across the world. Episode 1 is out now! Answer the trivia for a chance to win some cool goodies. Do check out our YouTube channel and subscribe for games and shenanigans!

Corsair Sabre RGB Optical Mouse Review

Corsair is well renowned in the consumer electronics field, with it’s excellent, competition-decimating Dominator line of products, and the Corsair Gaming sub-brand is already becoming a stiff competitor in the crowded gaming peripherals section, with the excellent M65 mouse and the K-series mechanical keyboards. And now they have gained an edge on the other manufacturers with it’s Chroma line of ...

My Gaming Journey With NVIDIA’s GTX 970

I bought the GTX 970 last month after most review sites described it as the deal of the decade and a product that stole the 980s thunder. Two GTX 970s SLI’d together were beating the 980, a single GTX 970 was beating a Titan in 3DMark firestrike, and everything was golden. So I bought it. Then I started to notice the tech community reporting about a few bugs with the card. There were a lot of rumo...

5 Reasons why XBOX One is Crap

OBLIGATORY DISLAIMER: The author does NOT hate the Xbox One and is enthusiastic about almost anything related to gaming. He is actually a pretty cool guy in real life and loves hugs, sunshine, puppies and long walks on the beach. And almost all of the above may or may not be total bullshit. In case you missed the PS4 bashing here it is 🙂 Ah, the Xbox One. Such a colossal series of fuck-ups. To cri...

A Pirate’s guide to Piracy

It happens every time a good new game comes (or in case of Demons Souls, Halo, Red Dead series etc, fails to come) to PC, you hear the same old excuses: PC games get pirated. A lot. Well, it is sort of true, but as always, there’s another side to the coin. Ever wondered WHY games are pirated? Yes, yes I know, people love free stuff, but that’s not all. Here’re a few arguments in favour of the pira...

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