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Armello – Review

Armello – Review

As much as I love board games, it’s not always easy to get together a group friends or even manage the time to do so. It’s here that virtual board games come in handy, and Armello offers one of the most enjoyable experiences, be it playing alone or with friends.

You start off with some basic tutorials that do an excellent job of easing you into the game and familiarizing you with it’s many rules. There are eight characters you can play as, and each of them have their own characteristics and abilities. You move them around the board to progress through the game, while tackling combat scenarios and avoiding dangers.

At it’s core, Armello is a fantasy battle between animals to rule a kingdom. You objective is to kill the King. The King is constantly taking damage due to a disease called ‘The Rot’, and will eventually die, and that’s when the game ends. You can win by either killing him yourself, or having a higher Rot level, or by having the highest prestige. Deciding which route to take to victory encourages some careful planning, and the encourage you to change up play-styles to pursue whichever route seems easiest.

There’s also a card game layer to Armello, which act as items and abilities that can be used in battle. While you can play against the AI, they usually behave in a fairly predictable manner, and can get dull soon. It’s against other players that the main draw of the game is. It’s here that you can deploy some devious tactics against each other, and it makes for an incredibly fun time.

While the game would benefit from deeper customization options, there’s still a lot to enjoy in Armello. Be it against the AI or with friends, if you enjoy board games, or even are interested in getting into them , Armello offers an easy way in, and is almost assuredly likely to keep you in.

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        Fun Quotient



          • Great Depth To Gameplay
          • Beautifully Animated
          • Easy To Understand, Fun To Master


          • Needs More Customization Options
          • Minor Balance Issues

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