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5 Things You Need To Know About The Box One X

5 Things You Need To Know About The Box One X

So you’ve finally decided to go for it! The sale is on, the price is right, and you’ve decided to make the jump to 4K gaming with the Xbox One X. Well, here are a few things you need to know about the Xbox One X in order to make a fully informed purchase.

Most Powerful Console In The Market

Yes, the Xbox One X is hands down the most powerful console in the market right now. It handily beats the PS4 pro, and stands out significantly above the base versions of either consoles. Games will look better, load faster and run smoother on the Xbox One X.

4K + HDR

This is probably the biggest selling point for the Xbox One X. It does 4K and HDR and it does them pretty well. It’s much better than the checker-boarding tricks (which are still impressive) on the PS4, and ultimately offers better results. Trust me, you haven’t seen pretty until you’ve seen Forza Motorsport 7 running on an Xbox One X attached to a 4K TV. Also, I recommend getting a 4K + HDR enabled TV to get the best from your Xbox One X.

Co-Pilot Mode

Now this is not a Xbox One X exclusive feature, it also works with the other versions of the Xbox One. However, it’s still neat enough to get a mention. Copilot links two controllers so you can use them as if they were one controller. What this essentially does is that one person can take the backseat and help out the main player in a tough spot. This is especially useful if you’re playing with a kid/significant other/someone not too comfortable with with the controller and give them a better experience. This truly highlights the Xbox One’s stance as a family entertainment system.

Xbox One X Enhanced + Backwards Compatible

Many older games and almost all new games are now enhanced for the Xbox One X, offering features like faster framerate, better resolutions, improved textures, larger draw distances, etc. Plus you can access a vast library of older Xbox and Xbox 360 titles with the Backwards Compatibility feature. Trust me, Red Dead Redemption is a looker on the Xbox One X.

Xbox Play Anywhere + Crossplay + Game Pass

Xbox Play Anywhere is an initiative that allows you to buy just one copy of the game and be able to play both on the Xbox One and the PC. This feature applies to all Microsoft Studios published Xbox One exclusive games, and hopefully all future Xbox games as well. So you can buy Sea of Thieves, install it both on your PC and Xbox One, and if you’re signed in to the Xbox One as your primary console, then two people can play the same game together across platforms. Throw in a Game Pass, where you can get all Microsoft Studios published Xbox exclusive titles on day for a just $10 per month, and the Xbox One is a very compelling buy.

Honestly, the Xbox One has come a long way since the disastrous E3 2013 launch, and the Xbox One X today offers easily the best value in gaming. On top of all the power it boasts, and the value it offers, the Xbox One X is a fantastic looking console. It’s small, sleek, elegant, and silent. For those looking for the ultimate console gaming experience, the Xbox One X is your answer.

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