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What If Sunny Deol Was In Video Games?

What If Sunny Deol Was In Video Games?

Sunny Deol is known for many things, his acting and dancing not being the two of them. But his antics make him a perfect candidate for the main role in a lot of video games (unless you’re playing Dance Central), and it would be unfair if we didn’t honour the angry, not-so-young man on his birthday. So, here is our list of the top five games that would have been perfect for Mr. Deol.

Sunny of War (God of War, duh)


Kratos doesn’t hold a candle to our Sunny paaji. Let’s face it, the anger, the rage and the struggle, these are all iconic trademarks of this great man. The Greek Gods shit their pants when he roars. If you don’t believe me, check out this clip of this underrated superhero pulling out a hand pump from the ground and then tell me if Zeus stands a chance. qlkpvq

Far Sunny (Far Cry)

Vaas took one look and set this guy free. Pagan Min heard he was coming and fled the country. This is the terror Sunny Deol creates in the minds of “autocratic dictators”. He is the stuff the villains’ worst nightmares are made of, nay, the stuff the villains’ nightmares’ worst fears are made of. As proof, here is Kim Jong Un after taking one look at the Indian Rambo.



Whether it’s a God from the Greek mythology or a ruthless criminal or demons from hell, Sunny paaji fears no one. He would boldly go to Mars and single handedly behead every monster on that god forsaken planet. You would be a fool if you still doubt the strength of our own magnificent Rocky Balboa (refer to handpump clip). Still, here is a pic showing Mr Deol’s earth-shattering stomp asana.


Gears of Deol (Gears of War)

Marcus Fenix? JD Fenix? Bitch, please. It’s SUNNY DEOL all the way. You think the Indian Chuck Norris can’t kick the Locust swarm so hard their exoskeletons turn inside out? These pathetic creatures are what comes out of Sunny paaji’s ass when he’s suffering from diarrhoea. His “Dhaai kilo ka haath” is enough to get rid of all his problems.


Grand Theft Sunny (GTA V)

I have a feeling that Trevor Philips’ character was based on Sunny Deol. I mean, the angry mood swings, the constant growling and shouting, and a constant muttering of dialogues that don’t make any sense but are still entertaining as hell. Not to mention a death threat every time a fly lands on his nose. Doesn’t that sound a little bit familiar? Maybe the following will make my case.


One last word of caution, though. Never put him in a game that’s very long. Sunny paaji doesn’t like waiting, and he is not a big fan of dates, NOT AT ALL. Here, watch for yourselves.

I know there are a lot more games for which Sunny Deol would be perfect, but right now we have to be content with this list. If you have more ideas, feel free to share in the comments.

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  1. This article is the single best thing the internet can and will produce ever.

  2. How could you miss Sunny Deol in Just Cause 🙂 with a Handpump DLC and Dhail Kilo ka Haath DLC

    • Damn it. Well, now I have something for next year 😛


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