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Wolfenstein : New World Order Preview

Wolfenstein : New World Order Preview

Machine games have provided a small preview of Wolfenstein : New World Order from the Wolfenstein series . Wolfenstein was one of the first FPS games dating  back from 1980, although most of you will be more familiar with the better known sequels, Wolfenstein 3D or Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Machine Games has a great opportunity in hand for reviving interest in this classic title especially after the lukewarm response to Activision’s 2009 release. Wolfenstein: New World Order  takes place in the year 1960 in an alternate timeline where Hitler’s Nazi Germany has won World War 2 and now rules the world. This victory though was not the result of straight forward military tactics but due to the accumulation of various technologically advanced weaponry by the Nazis. The question of how did this happen in the 1940s or even in the 1960s forms the theme of the story.


William “B.J.” Blazkowicz is awoken from cryo sleep to help the resistance defeat Hitler and his mecha army. Blazkowicz then does all that he can from going undercover to spouting corny one liners and riddling the Nazi bots with bullet holes to rectify the situation. The developers have tried to make the gameplay fun without being silly. Apart from simply shooting at enemies, several situational and environmental puzzles have also been incorporated such as shooting down a weight to make an elevator go up. This might help players not only catch a breath or two but also allow them to be more engaged with the game. But if you like to simply shoot then you might find New World Order double the fun because Blazkowicz has the ability to dual weld almost every weapon (at least all weapons that have been shown in the previews). And yes, this includes shotguns too !


Utilizing the id Tech 5 engine, the graphics are great and the world created is mildly depressing yet stunning. With a whole alternate history to play with, the story and gameplay have the potential to provide a riveting experience.


Wolfenstein : New World Order is slated to release sometime during December 2013 and will be available on PC, PS3/4, Xbox 360/One. Below is the first trailer for the game.



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