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10 Great Video Game Sequels That Could Not Save The Franchise

10 Great Video Game Sequels That Could Not Save The Franchise

We have all seed bad sequels ending great video game franchises. But’s often surprising when good sequel are released and still don’t sell too when, in turn killing off the franchise entirely. So here are the top 10 awesome video game sequels that could not save the franchise.

DmC: Devil May Cry

It’s weird how the “wrong look” can put people off from playing an actually great video game.

Homefront: The Revolution

It may have had its fair share of issues at launch, but Homefront: The Revolution turned out to be really fun after a few fixes. Too bad no one came back to play it.

Crysis 3

Despite their attempts, Crytek just could not bring hardcore gamers back to Crysis.

Max Payne 3

While everyone who played it really loved the game, for some reason, not many did. Seems like Max Payne is currently in retirement.

Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands came in at a time when gamers were leaning towards more open world experiences. Luckily, we got Assassin’s Creed out of it.

Burnout: Paradise

Burnout: Paradise is still one of the best racing games you will ever play. Too bad the franchise disappeared.

Watch Dogs 2

While it might be too soon to be proclaimed dead, Watch Dogs 2 seriously under-performed. Despite being a significant improvement over the previous game, and a great game by its own merit. I wonder if we’ll see it returning anytime soon.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

I have no idea why there hasn’t been a new Splinter Cell game in years. Blacklist was amazing.


While IO Interactive have now become an independent studio, and still own the Hitman IP, there was a time where a new season for Hitman seemed unlikely.

Bioshock: Infinite

Another case of a great game not getting the sales it deserves. I am sure that 2K will eventually bring out a sequel, but the franchise is definitely dead for now.

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