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Will eSports betting soon become more popular than classic sports like Cricket?

Will eSports betting soon become more popular than classic sports like Cricket?

With the coronavirus pandemic ravaging through most parts of the world this year, prime sports leagues have either been postponed or canceled in several countries, including those in Europe. The question most betting firms try to answer is how to provide a platform for gamblers who wish to pursue their hobby, with the current limited offers. Classic games like Cricket are experiencing low seasons in terms of betting. This setback doesn’t mean that they are hopeless. One solution to this betting problem lies in eSports and Virtual Sports.

Esports is a contest designed for players of video games. As the full name ‘Electronic Sports’ suggests, video games are played either through electronics or technology. For over a decade, eSports has become popular all over the world, with several betting sites now offering the option of eSports betting. The popularity growth of eSport has had an impact on the formation of organizations like the British Esports Association, which serves the purposes of managing the sport and increasing its awareness to the public. The United Kingdom is among the countries which have fully embraced the sport. 

Games Available in Esports

Esports offers a wide variety of games, most of which group according to the criteria of playing, the number of players involved, and the possibility of them played in real-time.

  1. Sports Games

This category is the most well-known in eSports games; the best example being the FIFA series. Such games are accessible through consoles and PCs. Individuals or teams get to organize and play big football leagues like the EPL, Bundesliga, and Serie A. For the lovers of basketball and American Football, you can opt to play Madden or NBA 2K, respectively, on your PC or console.

  1. Racing Games

Such games happen annually or a specific number of times in a year. Examples of racing competitions include iRacing and the Gran Turismo Sport. The Gran Turismo occurs every year to represent nations and manufacturers. Players in this race select a state and a producer series to represent and aim to win The Nations Cup. 

  1. Fighting Games

Fighting games incorporate a lot of combat. The games accessible in this category include the Street Fighter, Tekken, The Killer Instinct, etc. These were among the first games to be played in eSports and can proceed up to professional levels. A majority of eSports players prefer and love fighting games due to their wide variety of big tournaments offered to players.

Betting Platforms that Allow Esports Betting

Several gambling sites currently offer the platform for eSports betting to incorporate lovers of the game. With its rise in the market, bettors are slowly venturing into eSports betting. Popular betting sites such as Betway are among the platforms that offer eSports betting. Almost every other betting company recognized globally provides for eSports betting, unless otherwise, of which a gambler should confirm first before registering.

Key Benefits of Esports Betting as Compared to Other Classic Sports

Esports betting has numerous advantages, both to the punters and the betting firms. These include: 

  1. A big number of viewers 

The presence of a large number of viewers means that the betting sites will accumulate more lucrative profits from eSports betting. Gamblers also have a wider variety of stakes to place their money on, due to the availability of more games for betting. The numerous viewers of the eSports game at one point shift to become eSports lovers and may even join the world of eSports.

  1. Improved Sponsorship deals

Before eSports became a popular game, investors never had the belief that it could bring great returns once they decided to invest in it. However, this has changed with time investors now being able to trust that eSports can make them some good money. With the rapid growth in the sport, sponsors have flooded the eSports industry, making it even more lucrative. Greater deals give a clear indication that eSports will be controllable to attain standards, which will cause the sport to grow, and hence bettors will enjoy it more.

  1. More Lucrative Profits and Prize Money

Every gambler wishes to win big. Big winning prizes even attract beginners to join the eSports gaming world. The huge winnings given to winners of the tournament have motivated new players to join now and then. An increase in the number of people who participate in the eSports game means that there is more money available for eSports betting.

Will Esports and Esports betting become more popular in the future? 

Classic games such as cricket and golf have, over the past years, dominated the attention of both investors and players. They still attract millions of fans and as you can see on, even the most popular bookmakers feature sports bets on cricket. So it is safe to say that neither the sport itself, as well as other industries connected to the sport like sportsbooks, will soon disappear. 

However, the future of electronic sports seems brighter than that of classic games, with a trending shift towards eSports. Esports, in the future, will even be encouraged among scholars to help them obtain practical lessons and skills.

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