yanet garcia

Pro Call Of Duty Gamer Is Dating Yanet Garcia, Incredibly Hot Mexican Weather Girl

If you’re a weather aficionado like me then you’re sure to have heard of Yanet Garcia, the insanely hot weather girl who’s taken the world by storm with her oh-so-tight weather reporting. And if you have not, then this video by Ozzy Man is everything you need to know about her: After this video went viral even more people turned their eyes towards Yanet, including pro Call Of Duty player Doug “Censor” Martin, aka FaZe Censor. He’s one of the members of the FaZe clan, and is a bit of a celebrity himself on Youtube with over 2 million subscribers. So when Doud saw Yanet, he decided to get in touch with her directly, but instead of being a creep, he actually went about it kind of smooth. He even posted about it on Instagram, and you can read it below: Soon,...

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