Xbox One Is Crap

5 Reasons why XBOX One is Crap

OBLIGATORY DISLAIMER: The author does NOT hate the Xbox One and is enthusiastic about almost anything related to gaming. He is actually a pretty cool guy in real life and loves hugs, sunshine, puppies and long walks on the beach. And almost all of the above may or may not be total bullshit. In case you missed the PS4 bashing here it is 🙂 Ah, the Xbox One. Such a colossal series of fuck-ups. To criticize it is like fighting toddlers: Spectacularly easy, strangely satisfying and you always win, no matter what. Also, I had half a mind to pick the One up until two months ago. What changed, you ask? Well, MS announced the price, and I realized that I’d buy a fucking PC, like the rest of the country. Well here’s a break up of why the One is shit, and why many of the Xbox 360 owners are signing u...

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